Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hungry For Something NEW-ish

My Creation
     This isn't exactly a "recipe," as it were, but I feel like it qualifies as a.) a great idea, b.) something I created, and c.) something I was HUNGRY FOR.  So there!  If you remember, I'm not shopping for myself for one year, (3 months to go, but who's counting!!?), and so I've had to get creative.
     There's this great jewelry store here in Los Angeles on Larchmont called Sonya Ooten,  Sonya's a lovely lady, and a wonderful designer with innovative, modern, edgy ideas, coupled with class and elegance.  Needless to say, the necklace I was slobbering over was a.) out of my price range, (even if I were shopping), and b.) have I mentioned I'm not shopping?  Shit.  It was this gorgeous, flat, oval-shaped piece, filled with pave, champagne diamonds, looked kind of vintage, and sat perfectly just below the 'ole clavicle.  (Yes, I tried it on, and yes, I'm dumb.)  I couldn't stop thinking about it.  I visited it from time to time, would try 'er on, even introduced 'er to my mother!  It was getting bad.  Wait, see for yourself:
The Obsession

     Oy, this was a difficult one.  "How many days exactly until May 1st?"  Should I start putting the 2 grand away now?"  This kind of thinking was not helping me.  For the most part, I don't go into stores these days, it's just too tempting, (note earlier reaction to diamond necklace), but I had to pick up a repair from Sonya, and, well, I'm only human.  Then I remembered, I have this vintage pin that's kind of the same shape as this necklace, and who wears pins?  This particular pin stays pinned to a jacket I ALSO never wear.  So Sonya took the pin-back off, ordered this perfect, vintage, silver chain, and attached it to the piece.  (Some of you out there, no doubt, can attach your own chain, cutting out the middle-woman, but I'm just not that handy.)
 I am THRILLED with my new invention, I wear it all the time, people compliment me on it whenever I wear it, and even my son says, "Put this on."  Okay, so it's not the mouth-watering Sonya Ooten necklace, but it's doin' the trick, and I think it's quite the little show-stopper, if I do say so myself.  (Thanks for the inspiration, Sonya!)
Just a little idea that you too can add to your very own jewelry collection.  Look around in your drawers, (or on jackets), for pins you never wear, and turn them into necklaces.
You're welcome!
Happiness is, getting a new accessory


  1. Yes while I do love the Sonya piece - though not as much as your creation - Leslie anything you wear will look magnificent. Why? You're H O T - HOT! How about that's why?
    And no shopping for a year and 9 months have already passed? I am in awe!
    Kudos Kid!

  2. Honestly, I like yours better. For reals, like a lot. Very impressive/inspiring!