Monday, October 18, 2010


I'm a pretty new mom, Henry's 2 years old, and I'm also VERY new to the kitchen.  (I mean NEW, new, like I didn't know how to boil an egg five years ago, and I'm not being hyperbolic.)  I had no idea I would love cooking this much, although I'm rather "challenged" when it comes to all-things-cooking, I've discovered a hobby that I really love practicing.
Also, May 1, 2010, I decided to STOP SHOPPING.  I proclaimed that for one whole year I wouldn't buy any clothes, shoes, or accessories for myself, (I couldn't stop buying things for my son, who do you think I am?!), and in place of my shopping escape, I've taken even more to the kitchen.  A great diversion.
Here's a dish I make regularly, and please excuse my terminology, I'm certainly NO expert here!
I get this Halibut from the Plummer Park Farmers Market in Hollywood (Mondays, 9am-1pm), from Pete, the fish guy, such a sweetheart, very knowledgeable, and quite a character.  (He accepts cash, checks and credit cards!)  Although Pete sadly informed me that Halibut is now out of season, you can still get it at your local market, and he'll gladly recommend which fish to buy on the day you're there.  Trust him!
I wrap the Halibut in tinfoil, surround it with grape tomatoes, pour a couple of glugs of olive oil on it, salt and pepper, and squeeze a lemon.
I throw it on the BBQ, (but it can also go in the oven), for about 30 minutes, depending on the thickness.  You want the fish to turn opaque white, but don't overcook it, keep an eye on it.  If you're like me, "challenged," you'll have to take a peek or two before removing it.  Once it's ready, the tomatoes are also nice and steamed and flavorful, then just add some quinoa, rice, harvest grains, what have you, and a nice green veggie, I like sauteed kale with sesame seeds and garlic, and voila, you're done.
I like Halibut because there are so few bones and I don't have to worry about my toddler eating it, which he does, and loves it!  My hubby, on the other hand, finds cooked fish rather vile, so he's on his own when it's fish night!


  1. love this! good for you. motherhood really does bring out the virtuousness in you doesn't it?
    keep em coming.

  2. Do you cook it in tinfoil out of paranoia?

    I love to cook and I hate shopping - had we married I would have enabled your shopping and no-cooking for years

    A close friend and his family didn't shop for a year - kids really got into it, too

    Love you, mean it. Happy early birthday....

  3. Leslie,
    Welcome to the wonderful world of food blogging. Delightful first post!

  4. Yes, tinfoil, paranoia, always. But it also makes it easier on the grill, she's such a delicate fish, don't want her fallin' apart on the bbq surface, plus it steams my tomatoes so nicely.
    love ya back, mean it, ciao!

  5. you know at first quick glance i thought that was a picture of a live bird with feathers fluttering. i guess you're not raising your own turkeys yet.

  6. Leslie,
    Spot-on use of the phrase,"What have you"!
    Question, where can I find organic tinfoil?

    Seriously, congratulations on this venture! I love your casual, "I'm a stranger here myself" tone.
    You go girl.
    Love and Happy Birthday! Peter

  7. Love your new blog. I totally relate. Looking forward to more!
    xo Jill